About Us

Sasha’s International, Inc. began 30 years ago. We are an export company specializing in the battery industry. Automotive battery plant workers are exposed to lead on a daily basis by breathing in lead dust fumes, by eating, drinking or smoking in work areas or by handling contaminated objects. Lead dust like most heavy metal residue can also be absorbed into the body through the skin.

Clean-All Soap was initially formulated to help workers in automotive battery plants, where the exposure to lead dust is extremely high. In order to prevent toxic contamination in the workplace, OSHA mandates rules such as washing hands before eating or smoking, showering and changing clothes before leaving the workplace. There are even laws that require testing to determine blood lead levels, and if they are too high, the worker is placed on medical leave until blood levels return to normal.

Now Sasha’s International, Inc. is proud to introduce our Clean-All Heavy Metals® Hand & Body Soap in a new consumer friendly size, making it more convenient than ever for stained glass artisans, gun enthusiasts, and other hobbyists who come into regular contact with toxic heavy metals to stay safe.


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