Engineered for the Automotive Battery Industry, yet gentle and soothing on hands, Clean-All Heavy Metals® Hand & Body Soap gives you peace of mind when dealing with lead. For any hobbyist working with lead, Clean-All Heavy Metals® Hand & Body Soap is an easy choice for safety. Clean-All Heavy Metals® Hand & Body Soap, available in convenient easy to use sizes. Now available online! “After using Clean-All Soap, our employees experienced a 44% reduction in blood lead levels. The soap is so easy to use, we have also decreased dry skin complaints.”
Rob C., Safety Manager

We have been selling our heavy duty hand soap for twenty-five years now, almost exclusively to the industrial world (battery plants, lead smelters, recycling plants, etc.), where there are government mandates in place to protect workers from toxic heavy metals, particularly lead, mercury, cadmium and cobalt, all of which are in the top 50 of the government’s Priority List of Hazardous SubstancesHeavy metal removal from the body and hands is critical for safety when there is exposure to these elements.

It is apparent that there is a need to offer our heavy duty hand soap to you, the consumer, the hobbyist, the industrial worker, the home owner, the everyday person. It is also apparent that we have a lot of knowledge about heavy metal removal from the body and hands that can help many of you out there. Our goal is to inform you about the potential hazards in everyday life and how to avoid them, as well as provide the products you need for safety. You can trust Clean All to have the superior product you require.